january 27 2015
Link Leonhart FROM Maracaibo, Venezuela
Old-school fan here! Thanks for continue in the music creation with such memorable melodies! And thanks for making me enter in the music listening with more open ears. You rule! Proud to be a Khaos Legionnaire
january 21 2015
Dan Merriman FROM Los Angeles, CA
FAVORITE ALBUM: Doomsday Machine   FAVORITE SONG: Mechanic God Creation
Love your music! Looking forward to rocking out with you on the boat @ 70K!
january 8 2015
Eduardo Aguilar FROM Mexico City
FAVORITE ALBUM: War Eternal   FAVORITE SONG: No More Regrets
Just some weeks ago i started to listen to you guys, and the results: i LOVE YOUR MUSIC! Alissa White-Gluz is so beautiful! & last but not least... seriously thinking about going to Jose Cuervo Salon to watch you break the basses! love you guys!!!!
january 3 2015
Robert FROM El Salvador
FAVORITE ALBUM: Doomsday Machine   FAVORITE SONG: No More Regrets
I became a fan of Arch enemy since the very first moment I heard Angela on her concert in Japan, now I'm totally into this band great lyrics great melodic metal and a dark/beautiful new vocalist, damn I'm just in love of Alissa, keep what you're doing and El Salvador is waiting for you all guys
january 2 2015
Julian FROM Germany
FAVORITE ALBUM: Wages of Sin   FAVORITE SONG: hard to pick... No Gods No Master, Dead Bury Their Dead, WE
Loved, loved, loved seeing you guys live last year at Summer Breeze! I hope to see AE live again soon, perhaps with a new album? Love ya. Take care and keep being awesome.
december 30 2014
wilbur FROM holland MI
FAVORITE ALBUM: war eternal   FAVORITE SONG: graveyard of dreams
Just heard of your band and you guys are AWESOME biggest new fan!!!
december 21 2014
Dani Santana FROM Brooklyn NY
FAVORITE ALBUM: War eternal!!!   FAVORITE SONG: war eternal,as the pages burn,'Avalanche'
I love the new line up with Alissa so much that I knew it was going to be a great album and maybe take arch enemy in a different direction,but it didn't disappoint me one bit,it actually blew me away and love this album,and since then its been on my playlist playing over and over again.Love you Alissa and arch enemy,awesome band!!
december 13 2014
mike FROM lebanon
FAVORITE ALBUM: war eternal   FAVORITE SONG: you will know my name
december 9 2014
Avneet M FROM Gridley, CA
FAVORITE ALBUM: Doomsday Machine   FAVORITE SONG: Taking Back My Soul
I've been a fan of AE for a while and I look up to Angela and Alissa. They are my role models and they inspired me to go vegetarian. I'm 12 years old currently, and I will remember AE forever. I own War Eternal and Doomsday Machine. ARCH ENEMY FOREVER /,,/
december 8 2014
Adrien Pure F*cking Metal FROM France
FAVORITE ALBUM: War Eternal , Rise of the Tyrant   FAVORITE SONG: No More Regret , Time is Black
Love From France ! You rock tonight at saarbrucken ! See you soon i hope ! Alyssa we Love you ! Merci
december 4 2014
Jordan P FROM Puyallup, WA
FAVORITE ALBUM: War Eternal   FAVORITE SONG: You Will Know My Name
Best. Fucking. Show. Ever. Alissa sounds just as good live as she does in the album! My mind was utterly blown! Come back to WA so I can get those VIP passes. You guys tore the fucking place apart!
november 29 2014
FAVORITE ALBUM: War Eternal and Khaos Legions   FAVORITE SONG: No Gods No Masters
Arch Enemy is pure fucking energy. Angela and Alissa are total beasts and prove further women can rock just as hard as men. Your lyrics kick ass, and every instrumentalist absolutely shreds. The second you have a tour that brings you to NorCal, I'm there. Stay amazing and kickass. Fucking love you guys! \m/
november 19 2014
R.C. FROM South Africa
FAVORITE ALBUM: war eternal   FAVORITE SONG: war eternal
Good day I would please like to know why Arch Enemy has ever been in South Africa as I cannot be the only South African who likes your music
november 18 2014
Amy FROM Hereford AZ
FAVORITE ALBUM: Khakis Legions   FAVORITE SONG: No Gods No Masters, Nemesis, Cruelty witout Beauty
Hey guys! I saw you and met you in Tempe, AZ. You guys had a great show! I was very happy to see Chris there, and congrats on adding Jeff to the team, good move :-) Be safe on the rest of your tour, and I can't wait to see you next year!! \../ >.< \../
november 14 2014
Dave Brule FROM Québec
FAVORITE ALBUM: war eternal   FAVORITE SONG: no more regrets
Hi,i discover AE october 28th 2014 because Allissa made a radio interview in Québec city. Since this day i'm addicted to your music. Unfortunately i miss the Québec city show because i was at work. La prochaine fois j'y serai!! Allissa tu es fantastique.
november 6 2014
FAVORITE ALBUM: Rise of the Tyrant & War Eternal   FAVORITE SONG: The Day You Died & Avalanche
I follow Arch Enemy for years. Each album and each song, every riff is a "must". Everything is there. They accompany every great moment in my life. You are the group that made me want to play guitar. PS : Alyssa, ta voix est superbe. Continuez du fond du coeur !
november 1 2014
william domagala FROM buffalo, ny
FAVORITE ALBUM: war eternal, wages of sin   FAVORITE SONG: dark insanity, war eternal
as a longtime fan of AE, and Alissa, i was as curious to hear war eternal as anyone. not only did it exceed my expectations, it blew the roof off them! if this is the future, then the future is in good hands! much respect to angela(hail!), and now alissa, and michael etc. much deserving all the recognition! may the legions conquer all! the best to all of you. cheers.
october 21 2014
Maëva Cermeno-Aillerie FROM France
FAVORITE ALBUM: War Eternal   FAVORITE SONG: You will know my name
Hey guys! I wanted to tell you that I'm very impatient to see you in Paris on december 2nd... I love Alissa's voice and your music as well... I'd like to know if there will be a signing session after the show please? Alissa tu assures!! (she will understand ;) )
october 21 2014
shortop FROM alberta, canada
FAVORITE ALBUM: war eternal   FAVORITE SONG: nemesis
so stoked for the Edmonton show!! yay your bringing huntress!
october 19 2014
Sander Bisschop FROM Beerta
FAVORITE ALBUM: War Eternal   FAVORITE SONG: You Will Know My Name
hi, i have a question about the lyrics of Never Forgive, Never Forget. some people are saying that We've been infiltrated, In fact violated are the real lyrics and the others are saying it's We've been infiltrated, In fact by a lion so i wonder what is the real one?
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