august 26 2014
Chris FROM Germany
FAVORITE ALBUM: War Eternal   FAVORITE SONG: Shadow on the wall
I love you guys. Thanks for giving me this kind of music. it makes me feel better every day ^^ Greatings from Germany
august 26 2014
Em Ayson FROM Norwich, UK
FAVORITE ALBUM: Wages of Sin   FAVORITE SONG: Enemy Within
You will never know how much you mean to me. Your music has gotten me through so really dark times and you keep going from strength to strength. Alissa, ignore the hate, you are AMAZING! Thank you for being such awesome people and making the best music in the world \m/
august 24 2014
Hadrien FROM France
FAVORITE ALBUM: War Eternal   FAVORITE SONG: You Will Know My Name
Love from France, you truely rock!
august 21 2014
Ryan FROM Alberta Canada
FAVORITE ALBUM: Burning bridges    FAVORITE SONG: Pilgrim
Hello arch enemy I am so happy Alissa white- gluz is now a member of arch enemy she makes me proud to be Canadian and I bought the new album war eternal on cd the version that came with the sticker and see on patch and bonus track the whole album is awesome and I was an agonist fan before Alissa joined arch enemy and I really loved her voice both clean vocals and harsh vocals ) she has a beautiful powerful voice and she also looks incredibly beautiful I am excited for the future of arch enemy with Alissa on board most of all I want to wish all of the band members good luck with all your future endeavours although I'm sure you guys don't need luck take care and greetings to all my fellow arch enemy fans stay metal \M/ \M/ ! Arch Enemy is pure fucking metal at it's very best
august 19 2014
David FROM Colombia
FAVORITE ALBUM: Rise of the Tyrant   FAVORITE SONG: The Day You Died
Guys, you are awesome, I love you lots, and thanks for be always making the best music in this world, I'm following you since 2001, and you are my favorite band, I was in your concert here in Colombia having only 14 years and that was the best show in my life, hope to see you again and maybe have a meet and greet with you... We love you here in Colombia
august 10 2014
Julien D. FROM France - North
FAVORITE ALBUM: War Eternal - Rise of the Tyrant   FAVORITE SONG: You Will Know My Name - Intermezzo Liberte
Congratulations for your last album ! Hope to see you sommeday in the North Of France !!!! We've got great places and there's a lot of fans waiting for you ! Bye.
august 5 2014
Patrick Smith FROM Australia
FAVORITE ALBUM: Doomsday Machine   FAVORITE SONG: Nemisis
Love the new singer Alissa has a great vocal range, it's a shame Angela had to step down but the new album sounds brutal
august 2 2014
Tommy FROM Finland
FAVORITE ALBUM: Doomsday Machine   FAVORITE SONG: Lament of a Mortal Soul
Keep on rocking Arch Enemy! Can't wait for the gig in Helsinki!!!
august 2 2014
Bryan McKinney FROM Nevada
FAVORITE ALBUM: Wages of Sin   FAVORITE SONG: Time is Black, Web of Lies
I am really enjoying the new album! All songs are superb! Just bought premium VIP tickets to the show in San Fransico. Really looking forward to seeing Alissa and the band play the new + old songs!
august 1 2014
Iwona FROM Bydgoszcz, Poland
FAVORITE ALBUM: Anthems of Rebellion   FAVORITE SONG: Taking back my soul
Hello! I'm Iwona and I represent Polski Fanklub Arch Enemy. Thank you for an amazing show in Warsaw! And of course for very nice meeting, it's always pretty cool to meet you, I have to say. There is no words to describe what I felt. You create the best days in my life. Hope see you again in the near future. I will support you with fc as much as I can! We are united, because - This is fucking war! Greetings from Poland, all the best!
july 27 2014
Sean Ackley FROM Dryden, NY
FAVORITE ALBUM: Khaos Legions, Root Of All Evil   FAVORITE SONG: No Gods, No Masters, Bury Me An Angel
The New Album is so fucking heavy. I love the new album. I also love Alissa as the new voice of Arch Enemy. Her Vocal Range is astounding. I will miss seeing Angela fronting the band though. You guys made a great choice Alissa.
july 22 2014
Crowd surfer FROM Switzerland
FAVORITE ALBUM: Anthems of Rebellion   FAVORITE SONG: Dehumanization
Inferno festival Lausanne was awesome. Got to see you guys close up thanks to the crowd surfing. Looking forward to the next concert in Switzerland
july 20 2014
Garnet Buffalo FROM Edmonton, Canada
FAVORITE ALBUM: The Root Of All Evil   FAVORITE SONG: Silverwing
Thnx Arch Enemy and Angela, your music and lyrics have shown light to dark times!
july 18 2014
Climass FROM Poland
FAVORITE ALBUM: All of them   FAVORITE SONG: Beast of men, Immortal,
Thanx for concert in Warsaw 13.07.14!!! It was kick ass gig and great experience to meet you at meet & greet and talk with you after the gig :D Michael i hope żołądkowa was tasty haha ;) LONG LIFE!!! \m/
july 17 2014
Viktor FROM Pécs Hungary
FAVORITE ALBUM: War eternal   FAVORITE SONG: Revolution begins
thx for the fantastic concert in pécs rockmaraton hope i see u soon in hungary again
july 17 2014
Noah Hawkins FROM United States
FAVORITE ALBUM: Doomsday Machine   FAVORITE SONG: My Apocalypse
I really enjoy all of Arch Enemy's stuff, the new album is just another keeper!
july 16 2014
The new album is great!!! A really melodic one. As you already know, Alissa is the right choice. WAR ETERNAL!!!
july 15 2014
july 12 2014
Luis FROM Guatemala
FAVORITE ALBUM: war eternal   FAVORITE SONG: no more regrets
Great album! It would be awesome if you guys come to Guatemala.
july 12 2014
Denis FROM Kurgan, Russia
FAVORITE ALBUM: Wages of Sin   FAVORITE SONG: Burning Angel
I couldn't believe the news, thought it was a fake - Arch Enemy in my city? Give me a break! Never happens. I always had to travel at least 300 mi. to see my favourite band. Looking forward to see you in October! And don't you even think to not sign my guitar!
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