june 4 2017
Pornstache FROM Finland
FAVORITE ALBUM: War Eternal   FAVORITE SONG: No Gods, No Masters
Great As the Stages Burn Ltd. Deluxe CD+DVD+Blu-ray Box set. \m/ See you in Helsinki 1.10.2017
may 23 2017
Lachlan FROM Australia
FAVORITE ALBUM: War Eternal   FAVORITE SONG: As The Pages Burn
SO Hyped for Will To Power!!!
may 15 2017
WAR FROM Finland
FAVORITE ALBUM: Wages of Sin   FAVORITE SONG: Bloodstained Cross
As the Stages Burn kicks ass.
may 3 2017
David mcgiveron FROM Spain
FAVORITE ALBUM: War eternal   FAVORITE SONG: As the pages burn
This band just gets better and better
april 20 2017
Rich FROM Boston Massachusetts, 02081
FAVORITE ALBUM: Wages of sin   FAVORITE SONG: War Eternal
Greetings, I am a bit confused. When I submitted my Name, for the art book, was I supposed to document this in some way?. I hung out with the Band & DWVF, after the show, @worcesterpalladium, in October,2014. The first leg of the North American Tour.
april 18 2017
Sam F Hughes FROM UK
FAVORITE ALBUM: War Eternal   FAVORITE SONG: Nemesis, My Apocalypse, War Eternal
As a newer fan to metal and especialy the heavier genre(s), I stumbled across Arch Enemy and instantly fell in love both Angela and Alissa are brilliant lead singers and cant wait for the new album!!! Long live METAL \m/
april 18 2017
Rigger Boffin FROM Brazil
FAVORITE ALBUM: Khaos Legions   FAVORITE SONG: No Gods No Masters
You are incredible, congratulations to your existence. Jeff Loomis came to add this amazing magic called Arch Enemy. Hail!!!!!!!!
april 9 2017
Guy FROM San Diego
I am a new fan but I like be all your music I only know it from on line listening I am disabled with multiple sclerosis and ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) so I live on very low income i haven't been able to afford the cds or dvds blue rays ect... I want to get them but that's my situation I'd love to go see live but that's more issues anyway you are a great band keep it going
march 29 2017
Pedro Cavaleiro FROM Figueira da Foz, Portugal
FAVORITE ALBUM: War Eternal   FAVORITE SONG: You Will Know My Name
Since I started listening to the Metal Genre when I was about 10 years old, I found by accident this band while watching some videos of "The Agonist" on youtube, since then I could not stop listen to this band. Traveled all the way to Germany just to catch one show of yours. I'm also be present on Vagos Metal Fest this year, hoping that you will have a meet 'n' greet
february 17 2017
james FROM australia
FAVORITE ALBUM: war eternal   FAVORITE SONG: Nemesis
hi all i bloody love arch enemy and wondered if they have toured here in Australia yet. please post back as i really wanna see them live.
february 1 2017
Jeff FROM Kansas City Missouri
FAVORITE ALBUM: Khaos Legions   FAVORITE SONG: Yesterday is Dead and Gone
Can't wait for a new album to come out. Wish you guys could come by Kansas City on your next tour. Love you guys!
january 30 2017
Ryan Myong FROM Brighton, Colorado
FAVORITE ALBUM: Anthems of Rebellion    FAVORITE SONG: Leader of the Rats
Arch Enemy has become one of my favorite bands of all time! This is the first band I listened to besides Cradle of Filth. Leader of the rats is a brilliant track with hardcore vocals. The range, the depth, everything is amazing. I love every single song from this band! They are just too Fucking epic!
january 23 2017
Steven McCann FROM Steven_w.w_mccann@yahoo.com
FAVORITE ALBUM: War Eternal   FAVORITE SONG: You Will Know My Name
Love almost all music by Arch Enemy, I'm getting a little bit impatient waiting on their next album, lol, seriously can't wait. \m/_('u')_\m/
january 17 2017
Aris FROM Athens - Greece
FAVORITE ALBUM: War Eternal   FAVORITE SONG: You will know my name
Awesome band with some of the best musicians in the metal scene and Alissa is a super strong and energetic performer, very theatrical and with great attitude! Worthy replacement for Angela! Keep up the great work!
december 31 2016
Anthony FROM El Salvador
it´s just a great band, increible talent
december 20 2016
Bret white FROM Australia
FAVORITE ALBUM: Anthems of rebellion   FAVORITE SONG: Ravenous
Being a massive carcass fan following Michael Amott is a must. I have admired his playing skills and consider him a personal hero. Seen arch 7 times live and have to say I'm still at 40 a metal head and love this band so much. Arch enemy you guys are the beast that defines metal. You never fail to keep me inspired thank you peace love the whiteman
december 12 2016
Erik FROM Czech Republic
FAVORITE ALBUM: Doomsday Machine, War Eternal   FAVORITE SONG: War Eternal, Nemesis, My Apocalypse
Greetings to the whole band Arch Enemy from the Czech Republic :) . I want to tell you that along with Alissa, you are the best band ever! But on the other way I miss the participation of Angela. I would very much like to see Angela, she sang alongside Alissa. I'm their biggest fan. PS: Will I see you next year on Brutal Assault? ^^ Since this will be my first Brutal Assault, I'd really like to see you on the stage and I'd really like to take some pictures with whole band ^^
december 5 2016
Deven Yeager FROM Plymouth CA USA
FAVORITE ALBUM: War Eternal   FAVORITE SONG: War Eternal, Time Is Black, and Down To Nothing
This band has earned a special place in my heart i have the pentagram tattooed on my shoulder hope to see them live finally!!!
november 27 2016
Marin Simeonov FROM Sofia, Bulgaria
Arch Enemy KICKS ASS! Please consider coming to Sofia, Bulgaria, i'd sell my kidneys to buy tickets to see you guys :D (that joke is older than Judas Priest) greetings and lots of love :)
november 23 2016
Martin Rodriguez FROM Anderson,South Carolina,USA
I am a new convert and a foot soldier in The Army of the War Eternal. Semper Fidelis and Long Live Arch Enemy.
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