february 11 2016
David FROM Germany
FAVORITE ALBUM: Anthems of rebelion   FAVORITE SONG: End of the line
THANK YOU \m/ DANKE for all your awsomnes
february 3 2016
Andreas FROM Austria
FAVORITE ALBUM: Khaos Legions   FAVORITE SONG: Avalanche
I would like an autograph but unfortunately you are not in Austria as at VIP accessible
january 25 2016
Tamar van der List FROM Netherlands
FAVORITE ALBUM: Khaos Legions   FAVORITE SONG: I can't choose
Arch Enemy means the world to me. I have nothing more to say really.. I'm so thankful to have seen AE twice in 2015, and I hope again soon in 2016. Michael, I still have the pics you threw at me. AE inspires me to do my own music. I love you all
january 24 2016
Paddy FROM Germany
FAVORITE ALBUM: War Eternal   FAVORITE SONG: Stolen Life / Avalanche
I freakin' love your band! The first i love for ages now! Alissa White-Gluz, you are killing it! See you at Aug 27, so hiped about your music!!
january 10 2016
Jessica FROM england
FAVORITE ALBUM: war eternal   FAVORITE SONG: you will know my name
MY NEW FAVOURITE BAND! Finally a band that excites me! Iv been struggling to find a band I like for ages but you guys are it! I saw you at wembley in december, I'd never even heard Arch Enemy before but I loved you way more than the band I went to see!!
january 7 2016
Maria Paula FROM Colombia
FAVORITE ALBUM: War Eternal   FAVORITE SONG: On and On and You Will Know My Name
I want to tell you that Arch Enemy is the greatest band in the world for the music that you made, for the Alissa's singing style, for the lyrics of the songs, and other reasons. Alissa I want to congratulate you for the work you do, defending the rights of animals, you are a role model and I hope to sing like you someday. Greetings from Colombia, I hope you come this year! /,,/ Live AE!
january 2 2016
Alejandro FROM Querétaro, México
FAVORITE ALBUM: Khaos Legions, 2011   FAVORITE SONG: Yesterday Is Dead and Gone
Very pleased that you will be in Mexico late January. I will be working in Monterrey by Jan 28 and I will be attending your show at Café Iguana. I have never seen an Arch Enemy concert before so I have high hopes about it. Will be very interesting see you performing with the new lead singer (I know her form The Agonist) the classic songs and of course the new album. Send you my best regards and have a safe trip to México. If you are scheduling and autograph signing in Monterrey, please let me know to shake your hands. Thank you and for those about to rock, I salute you!!!!!
december 27 2015
Adrian FROM Gold Coast, Australia
Hi from Australia. Keep on doing what you do - We love it \m/
december 16 2015
FT FROM South Africa
december 11 2015
Coroner FROM Debrecen
Hi guys! I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE AE till death. You guys opened the door for me to a heavier / more extrem world. ...and in this extrem world you guys are the best. NO doubt about that.
december 10 2015
Kirklend Davis FROM GA
FAVORITE ALBUM: Khaos Legions    FAVORITE SONG: Yesterday Is Dead And Gone
You Guys are really Awesome and I love all the albums you made so far!. I can't wait to see you guys Preform live!
november 29 2015
Matt Ordu FROM Cologne, Germany
FAVORITE ALBUM: Doomsday Machine   FAVORITE SONG: Skeleton Dance
You guys rock the s*** out of my brainzz! Just saw that I missed your show at JUZ Live Club - pleeeze come back!
november 27 2015
Sylvain FROM Toulouse
FAVORITE ALBUM: War eternal    FAVORITE SONG: As the pages burns
Merci pour ce moment génial en première partie de nightwish. This is pure fucking metal. Great !
november 22 2015
Lewis Barber FROM UK
FAVORITE ALBUM: Doomsday Machine   FAVORITE SONG: Taking Back My Soul
november 20 2015
Daniel FROM Columbus, Ohio
FAVORITE ALBUM: War Eternal   FAVORITE SONG: No Gods No Masters
I love you guys, can't wait to see you back in Columbus 2016. I'm stoked for the new album with Loomis, it's going be epic! Arch Enemy finally has the perfect lineup!
november 6 2015
Lucas Acuña FROM Buenos Aires, Argentina
FAVORITE ALBUM: Rise of the Tyrants   FAVORITE SONG: Fields of Desolation
Argentina is ready for more Pure Fucking Metal!!!
october 28 2015
panayiotis pitsiougas FROM moschato,athens,greece
FAVORITE ALBUM: war eternal   FAVORITE SONG: the whole album is perfect
i was seriously taken by suprise when i listened to your war eternal,it is a masterpiece,i really appreciate for what you have done for true heavy metal scene
october 26 2015
Aaron thursh FROM Pa
FAVORITE ALBUM: War eternal   FAVORITE SONG: War eternal
I love the whole album but this song is soo great what it truely means as living life is just a war n fits my life everyday i listen to it every time i can
september 27 2015
Tony Sanchez FROM Washington
I just love this song, so much along with Avalanche, As The Pages Burn, War Eternal, basically the whole album. I love the guitars, and i love your vocals, i love the dramatic moments in the songs and the brutality. You guys are my number 1 inspiration
september 26 2015
Jacob Jarzobski FROM Worcester, Massachusetts
FAVORITE ALBUM: Doomsday Machine   FAVORITE SONG: Nemesis
Saw you guys at the Summer Slaughter Tour at the Palladium! You guys ruled!
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